A hidden gem...
This hotel will surprise you...
We enjoy our work
and welcoming our guests
We have roots in the Basque Country
Where food is very special...
As is our continental ambience
For young lovers on honeymoon...
Or getting married...
Or, going to the races...
For young families...
And for those who just want to relax and unwind...
And explore the countryside
And, we do tapas nights
With lots of dishes to choose from
Call 01189 076 322 and party!

Luxury in a well-connected  village 
Now with 300 Mbps internet

"A world apart from the chains"

"oozes with understated class - the kind of place that makes Britain great."

"I would definitely stay here again when in the area on business."

"I highly recommend this establishment , absolutely delightful."

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Call +44 1189076 322 
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