We are GREEN

The Kingsley has 28kW of solar power for hot water and underfloor heating. The LATENTO system uses 1000 litre thermal stores to cache the energy supplied by a large solar array. latento

In addition to supplying the large volume of hot water for showers and baths, the stores provide hot water for the multi-zone underfloor heating circuits.


We are a destination charging point with two 7kW Tesla wall connectors and an Electric (Universal) car charger

 piThe ubiquitous raspberry pi has a place here too - all our streamed TV and video AV services run on pi2 devices.  These devices consume about 1 Watt,  a fraction of a conventional TV tuner (a SKY+ box consumes about 40W). Pi2ModB1GB -comp-500x283

Coming soon - thermal heat recovery air conditioning for our bedrooms. These units recover a staggering 90% of heat energy from exhaust air and supply clean, pollen-free conditioned air.